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Snow Removal

Clear snow, salt surfaces and handle winter's toughest jobs with the agility and ease of the Avant.

Avant multi-purpose, articulated loaders and attachments can handle winter's toughest jobs. Avant is an excellent solution for services including snow plowing, salting, de-icing, snow shoveling, snow blowing and snow hauling.

Clear snow and salt surfaces with agility and ease with the Avant two-stage snow blower. The two-stage snow blower is available in 48 inches and 60 inches and designed to fit Avant 400-700 series articulated loaders.

An alternative to clearing snow is the powerful rotary broom. The broom angles and floats to maneuver different widths and surfaces. Available widths include 43 inches, 59 inches and 79 inches. The popular 59-inch broom can be angled electronically to fit 48-inch sidewalks.



• Transition speed of up to 18.5 mph

• Incredible power-to-weight ratio

• More than 200 attachments to select from


• Easy on the operator's body & posture

• Prevents accidental injuries

• Work more productively to save on time, money and labor costs


• Average fuel consumption less than a gallon per hour

• Easy and inexpensive to service

• Loader noise reduced by design


• Work in changing weather conditions

• Steering system protected from rain and snow

• Work safely and efficiently year-round

• Excellent working visibility in all directions

• Easy, safe side entry


• Easy-to-grasp operation technique

• Compact, agile & easy to control

• Turning radius less than 8.5 feet

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