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Construction and Demolition

Avant loaders are robust multi-function tools that double as a forklift, loader, digger and demolition robot - they can even be used as an aggregate on job sites.

Construction and demolition jobs count on the versatility, agility and power of the Avant in a variety of configurations including concrete mixers, soil screening buckets, vibrating plates, brick paver installation clamps, hydraulic breakers, cutter crushers, and asphalt grinders.

Avant’s backhoes, trenchers, and augers are ideal tools for digging applications within construction projects. However, performing one task is not how these multi-purpose machines were designed. Quickly change attachments with Avant’s unique attachment coupler and hydraulic multi-connector. In seconds, you can release the hydraulic breaker attachment and hook up a heavy-duty bucket to carry the debris away.

The Avant 600, 700, 800 and e-series machines are best suited for construction. Thanks to their versatility, agility and power, Avant loaders can take care of various jobs in different stages of the construction project in new building projects, renovations or demolition. On the construction site Avant doubles as a forklift, loader, digger and demolition robot - it can even be used as an aggregate when required.

The Avant e5 machines are battery powered and especially suited for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-existent and there are strict noise restrictions – in the case of construction, the e-series machines are a game-changer for indoor jobsites.

Because they’re lighter than typical skidsteers, the compact and light loader is made for working inside buildings. Due to its small size, it can be lifted to higher floors, and the hydraulics output allows you to make use of Avant's wide range of attachments on the same basic loader. Hydrostatic power transmission, telescopic boom and joystick control give you full precision control for the best possible results.

On construction sites, safety is the foremost concern, which is why Avant compact loaders feature secure railings on the safety roof, various cab options, brilliant visibility from the cab, a sideways-fixed articulated joint and low center of gravity.

This unfettered visibility is what sets Avant apart from the competition – our machines offer a full 360 degree unrestricted view so operators are in full control.


• Work safely and efficiently

• See what you are doing at all times

• Unobstructed view of the surroundings


• Easy-to-grasp driving and operating technique

• Compact, agile & easy to control

• Turning radius less than 8.5 feet


• Work in changing weather conditions

• Improved work safety

• 3 cab types to suit all uses

• Available with AC and air suspension seat


• Average fuel consumption is less than a gallon per hour

• Low maintenance

• Easy on the environment – catalytic converter available

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