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The light and small sized Avant 200 series mini loaders provide excellent lift to weight ratio and versatility that's hard to match. Our most affordable mini loader is easy to transfer from place to place thanks to its small size, but do not let the looks deceive you - our compact mini loader packs some serious power! The Avant 200 series mini loaders have numerous advantages to rivaling solutions, when it comes to their features and operating them.

• Articulated, compact design

• 360 degree operator visibility

• Side entry

• Rigid non-oscillating frame

• Minimal surface impact

• Excellent lift to weight ratio

• Low operating costs

• Low maintenance costs

Snow Removal

Clear snow, salt surfaces and handle winter's toughest jobs with the agility and ease of the Avant.

Landscaping and Nursery

From earthmoving and handling of materials, loading and unloading, digging, leveling, milling and even paving – one Avant can handle the jobs of several different machines.

Tree Care

Tree care companies and arborists across the United States are turning to Avant as an effective time-saving solution to their business.

Building and Property Maintenance

Count on Avant for services including snow removal, mowing, street/path cleaning, leaf collection, trash removal, general landscaping and simple tree work.

Construction and Demolition

Thanks to their versatility, agility and power, Avant loaders are robust multi-function tools that double as a forklift, loader, digger and demolition robot - they can even be used as an aggregate on job sites.

Municipalities, Park Districts and Schools

Avant loaders are used by municipalities, park districts and schools across the United States for sidewalk snow removal, property maintenance, landscaping and more. This small and agile machine can be easily maneuvered through narrow walkways and leaves minimal ground disturbance on the most delicate surfaces.

Golf Course Maintenance

Avant machines reduce labor costs and offer a safer, more efficient way to maintain playing conditions and overall golf course design aesthetic required for proper golf course maintenance.


Avant is powerful enough to lift heavy loads of over 2,200 pounds and compact enough to fit into tight spaces. Handling industrial sacks, round bales, truck pallets, dual wheels, and other heavy materials is easy, safe and quick with Avant. Combining these benefits with the low usage and maintenance costs make Avant the most versatile and multi-purpose machine on farming and agriculture job sites.

Sports Facility Maintenance

Keep the ball rolling and athletes safe with Avant's turf cleaning solutions. Avant is the answer to increased demand for synthetic turf, improved safety, playability and appearance. Proper maintenance of the sports facilities is crucial for safety, health and performance for athletes.

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